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Our Lady of Lourdes Church
 Milltown, New Jersey

Religious Education

Parish School of Religion (PSR)

Registration is now open please print and complete the Family Religious Ed Registration form.  Mail it or drop it off at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Attn: Renee Young.  Please make sure to read the Parent/Student Handbook before signing the form.  REGISTRATIONS CLOSE ON SEPTEMBER 5 th, 2020.

Due to COVID-19 we will be changing the times and structure of our classes. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED WHEN WE HAVE STRUCTURED OUR NEW CLASS SCHEDULES.

To hold in-seat classes we will be complying with mandates and directives sent to us by the Diocese of Metuchen, the CDC, and Governor Murphy. Which include:

Parent and student will wait in their car until a staff member signals you to bring your child to the building.  This is to comply with Social Distancing protocol.

A Contactless Thermal Temperature Scan will be conducted on each child before entering the building.  If a child has a temperature of 100 you will be asked to take your child home.  DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOUR CHILDS TEMPERATURE IS TAKEN.

Brief COVID health questions will be asked before you child can proceed into the building. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOUR CHILDS HEALTH QUESTIONS ARE COMPLETE.

If your child has a runny nose, cough and/or sneezing he/she will be asked to convalesce at home and will be excused from class. Lesson will be mailed for completion at home with you and your child.

Each child will need to bring and wear a mask, before entering the building, until they leave.

Hand Sanitizer will be at the entrance of the building.  Each child will need to sanitize their hands before proceeding to the classroom.  Hand Sanitizer will be in the classroom as well.

All desks will be spaced six feet apart.

Children will be asked to remain seated during class.

Children will be dismissed one by one to adhere to Social Distancing protocol

Each child will need to bring to class a folder (folder will be provided on the first day of class), crayons, scissors, ink pen or mechanical pencil (no pencils we do not have a way to sharpen them).  We are prohibited from sharing and keeping any material to be used by anyone else.

After each class, all student populated areas will be disinfected.  Anything left in the classroom will be discarded.

Religious Education Class days and times for 2020/2021:

To Be Determined


Important Dates 2020/2021

        To Be Determined


2020/2021 Documentation:


For more information about our Religious Education Program, please contact:

Mrs. Renee Young