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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Celebrating the Jewish Festival of Purim

Purim is a joyous holiday that celebrates the salvation of the Jews from Haman through the leadership of Esther and Mordecai. Our sixth grade CCD students with the help of our seventh grade students experienced the holiday today by listening to the story of Esther from the Megillah, and how she saved the Jewish people. After the reading, the students wrote the names Esther, Mordecai and Haman with their feet. They played a game and made a non-edible version of a traditional triangular pastry called Hamantaschen ("Haman's pockets").

Purim is also about caring for someone. Gifts given during Purim are ready-to-eat foods for one or two people and monetary donations to the poor. During this celebration, our students donated food and collected loose change for the Our Lady of Lourdes food pantry.

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